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We offer classes for beginners through professionals in all areas of cake decoration and other edible arts.  Dedicated, enthusiastic instructors, small class sizes and private lessons ensure every student gets the attention they need to feel confident about their creations.  We're also available to answer general questions and offer emergency advice anytime you need us.

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#SanDiegoCakeShow 2018

#SanDiegoCakeShow2018 Entry - Sculpted Showpiece: Inspired by #RubyRose of #RWBY Anime Series #RoosterTeeth Animation - Created by #xLaurieClarkex #SweetCelebrationsUS I managed to get a 2nd place medal in the show this year - I also entered the USA Qualifying Rounds for the Cake Designers World Championship by the International Federation of Pastry Gelato and Chocolate (FIPGC) and won 3rd place!  LOTS of work-in-progress notes, videos and pics can be seen here:  Album: 2018 #SanDiegoCakeShow entry by #xLaurieClarkex #SweetCelebrationsUS #RWBY #RubyRose #Anime #RoosterTeeth 

This was a real challenge! 
- Experience: I'm a Master Level decorator (Professional instructor, judge of cake shows, made a TV appearance #SugarDome #FoodNetwork #ADragonsTale ) but I'm a novice at human sculptures!  I've never made a free-standing 2-legged figure before, even in miniature.  I haven't had to transport one hundreds of miles either!  I've only made a successful human body a couple of times.  This was only my third time sculpting a face, and I did not have a mold to help me because of the size (21" tall) - it's also more difficult to make an anime face than I thought because the features aren't quite human - and trying to recreate something so recognizable is a real problem, of course.  
- Design: Another struggle was to create the stance.  Ruby is left-handed and my right-handed brain could not comprehend the difference in the way you would hold the weapon.  It was really helpful to have my husband pose for me using a replica weapon prop my daughter happens to have.  The proper way to wield a scythe is different than I expected.  I have never used technology to create a 3D model before, but I'm very glad I figured it out. 
- Construction: The wire frame held up much better than expected - and my idea to use a metal rod and mount the pieces of the scythe on plastic straws so it could be assembled on site worked perfectly!  The crunchy gelatin I used for the petticoat turned out better than my dreams! I had major challenges due to humidity, though, one of which was the paint on the pastillage scythe - the food color was old and just wouldn't dissolve in alcohol, so I added a drop of water. When coupled with the 666% humidity in the hotel room (we were on the first floor and it was raining buckets 10 feet from our door) it created a sticky mess.   

The Results: 
Overall I think it turned out alright.  I can't wait to rip the head and scythe apart and make them perfect, then add an ammo belt and buckles everywhere!!  My motivation was the competition but my real goals were to:
- Learn and try new things - check!
- Make my RWBY-obsessed daughter happy - check! And
- Share how much we love the show with the creators - hopefully check :-) If I can't connect with them on social media I just may bring Ruby with us to the next anime convention.  My daughter and I have met the creators at #CrunchyRollExpo and voice actors at #SacAnime and hope to see them again this year! 

- Next time I promise I will begin my entry a reasonable amount of time before the show.*  This piece was begun on Tuesday, transported Thursday and finished in hotel room Friday.  I got it set up on Saturday 5 minutes before the deadline ;-p *of course I've been making this promise for about 19 years now... hahaha!!

Edible Cake Pedestal and Cookies Masquerading as Cakes by #xLaurieClarkex 

1st Place: Professional Division: Cookies


Judge's Division Favorite


Animatronic Steampunk Dragon by xLaurieClarkex 

1st Place: Non-Cake Edible Sculptures

San Diego "Confections for a Cause" Cake Show 2017

For LOTS of photos and detailed article visit my album on Google+ and for VIDEO of it working Click Here!



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